Getting Into Alignment

How can getting into alignment physically teach about mental alignment?

A teacher used to tell me to pull my shoulders and head back, but those were only an effect, not the cause. It’s a good metaphor for how our beliefs can cause our life to be out of alignment.

Pull Your Shoulders Back – Bad Advice

Head forward alignmentMy Aikido teacher was right. My head was forward of my shoulders. Most of us tend to have a head-forward posture. That means that our head is forward of our shoulders. It can cause headaches and other aches and pains. But pulling my head and shoulders back was painful. OK, it was a new posture, so maybe felt uncomfortable. But it didn’t solve the problem.

The cause of this misalignment is deeper than what my well-meaning teacher saw and mentioned. It is the underlying support that was causing this out-of-balance posture.

better alignmentYears later, in Pilates, my instructor gave me the real cause of my head-forward misalignment. Just lift your sternum, also called the breastbone. Once I practiced lifting my sternum, my head and shoulders came into much better alignment. And, even better, it was comfortable!

Alignment of Our Thoughts and Feelings

Giving from the heartIn the same way, the discomforts and yearnings of our lives when they are out of alignment are caused by something underlying our first notice.

For example, when I was married, our finances were continually strained. For years after the divorce, I continued to be the same amount short every month, no matter how much I earned. When I cleared the emotional baggage from that time, my finances improved.

How About You?

If you have a story about clearing an underlying belief that brought you into alignment, I’d love to hear it.

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