Treat and Move Your Feet

Treat and Move Your Feet


Have you ever heard the phrase treat and move your feet?

Spiritual Mind Treatment is a name for the affirmative prayer we practice at the Center for Spiritual Living. It means that prayer works, and that we need to take action in that direction.

So I can pray for increased income, and then I need to take steps to grow my business or get a job.

I can pray for health, and then I need to follow guidance on healthy eating and exercise.

I can pray for better relationships, and then I need to listen to my inner knowing about what to do to achieve that.

Not sure how to move your feet? Or in what direction? Continue reading “Treat and Move Your Feet”

Prayer for Peace

Peace Within

bokeh lights

In this moment. I remember that there is only one thing happening right now. It is the one infinite Being-ness, Eternal Oneness, Infinite Mind, ever-present Peace, Stillness. It is the Power that formed the Universe with the Big Band of the Word. And it is the Power that continues, in every moment to unfold as Its Creation. It is the Substance, the Source, the Supply and the Support of all that is. Every moment. All the time. This one Power is all That and more.

Hubble-Angel wingsAnd because there is only One, Its Oneness is our oneness. Its Peace is our peace. Its Mind is our mind. Its Joy is our joy. I am made of That. Each person is made of That.

This one infinite Presence lives in us, as us. There is only one of Us. So any sense of separation is merely an illusion. Any sense of “other” is an illusion.

swans on placid lakeSo I invite an welcome and embrace an awareness of this Oneness. I invite Its Peace into my heart. I allow this Peace to permeate every cell of my being.

I embrace the realization that my days so far have been filled with this Peace and this Oneness. That I am help, safe and secure, in the divine Embrace that created me. That each one of us is held in that Embrace.

And I welcome this awareness for those who do not feel that divine Embrace. I see every person on the planet becoming more aware of the god lightPresence that they are, especially those who do not know it. I welcome on behalf of anyone who feels separate, a sense of their Unity with the One that created them.

And in this deepening awareness, a deeper understanding that we are all One. All sense of separation begins to dissolve into the awareness of the Presence and the Essence within. And in this place, Peace lives. And in this place, we are one. So there is simply nothing to fight against. There is nothing other than this deep, abiding, sweet Presence of the One that created us. In this moment, there is no need for action or reaction. We rest in the One, in the Peace that lives in our hearts.


And in complete Faith that this is already a done deal in the Mind that created me, I release my Word to the Law that always says, “yes!”, that only says, “yes!” that has already said, “Yes.

And I let it be. And let it unfold.
And so it is.


How About You?

How do you feel Peace inside?

If you would like guidance and support in feeling Peace in times of turmoil, book a free consultation with me here to discuss.

Affirmative Prayer for Another

So what if you want to do an affirmative prayer for another person? Here’s how to adjust the prayer formula.

Affirmative Prayer for Another

As with prayer for yourself, start with your purpose statement. With affirmative prayer for another, you also start by knowing exactly what result you desire. For example, if a loved one is facing a health challenge, you might pray for proper diagnosis and treatment for their speedy recovery, and Peace and Ease in the process for you and your loved one.

Step 1 is the same. Affirmative Prayer always begins with Recognition that there is one Power and Presence. Continue reading “Affirmative Prayer for Another”

Steps of Affirmative Prayer – Thanksgiving and Release

The last two steps of Spiritual Mind Treatment, also called Affirmative Prayer, are giving Thanks and Release.

If you haven’t read the other steps, they are: Know your purpose then step 1 Recognition, step 2 Unification, step 3 Realization.

Giving Thanks


The Thanksgiving step is celebrating the shift in consciousness that happened in step 3. So we don’t move on to this step until we have made that shift. In the Thanksgiving step, we express joy and gratitude that what we desire is already done in the Mind of Spirit. Continue reading “Steps of Affirmative Prayer – Thanksgiving and Release”

Steps of Affirmative Prayer – Realization

The 3rd step of Affirmative Prayer is Realization. This is the step where we speak what we want to realize in our life. It is the realization that we already have what we want, and we are open to it.

Once we have done the first 2 steps, we have prepared the field of our mind, and it is tuned and ready to realize the shift in consciousness we desire. Continue reading “Steps of Affirmative Prayer – Realization”

Steps of Affirmative Prayer – Unification

This is part of a series on the steps of Spiritual Mind Treatment, also called Affirmative Prayer. Before you start, you need to know you purpose or intention for the prayer. Then step 1 is Recognition. And today I describe step 2  Unification.

In step 1 we describe what God is to us, whatever name we give it. Since one of the qualities we use to describe God is Infinite. In step 2, Unification, we remember that since our Source is infinite, we must be part of It. Continue reading “Steps of Affirmative Prayer – Unification”

Steps of Affirmative Prayer – Recognition

First step of affirmative prayer – Recognition

Last week I talked about the step before starting a Spiritual Mind Treatment, also called Affirmative Prayer: Purpose. This week, I am talking about the first step of the treatment itself: Recognition.

Once you know what you want prayer for, I like to think that the first step is called Recognition because we are re-cognizing, re-thinking, what we mean by God. Continue reading “Steps of Affirmative Prayer – Recognition”

Steps of Affirmative Prayer- Purpose

Before You Pray: Know Your Purpose

Spiritual Mind Treatment, or different group minds east coast and midwestAffirmative Prayer, is the kind of prayer we do in Science of Mind.

Before doing an affirmative prayer, it’s good to know what you want to pray about. What is it you want? Just like knowing where you want to go when you get in your car, you won’t get there if you don’t choose a destination.

Exactly what DO I want?

Want road signsBut deciding what you want to pray for may not always be easy. So clarifying what you want is important before beginning the prayer.

For example, if I am feeling discord about the recent political polarization, first I might want to describe for myself why. Does seeing the news and social media posts stir up negative feelings? Does it hook you in to make comments yourself? Would you rather have peace of mind and not get pulled in to the commentary? Is what you really want peace of mind? Continue reading “Steps of Affirmative Prayer- Purpose”

Hawaiian Forgiveness Ho’o pono pono

Guest Blog by Dr. Siota Belle

Hawaiian beachHo-o pono pono-the Hawaiian practice of forgiveness and making things right has its roots in the religious and cultural practices of ancient Hawaii.

The early Hawaiians were deeply religious. They held a reverence for all of nature. There was a chant and prayer for almost everything in their existence.

For them-God was everywhere- in everything thing and in every living being. Everything in their universe had it’s own god…yet all the gods, all things and all beings were part of the One Supreme God. This One Supreme God was the source of All. Continue reading “Hawaiian Forgiveness Ho’o pono pono”

What If It Were True?

If you feel lost or discouraged, take a moment to imagine… What if it were true?

what if  What if it were true…
… that you are loved by the very Power that created you?
… you knew that were supported by that Power?

What if…

… you didn’t need to worry about anything? What if you could simply, calmly know what is needed, what is next, and then know it was taken care of? Continue reading “What If It Were True?”