Election Day

Here in the USA it’s Election Day. Even before I was old enough to vote, I was aware of the fact that this is a right and a privilege that some countries still do not provide.

vote buttonIn fact, here in the United States, women only won the right to vote in 1920, just 5 years before my mother was born. That blows my mind. Decades after many other countries had given women the right. And a full 50 years after African-Americans were given the right in 1870. It cost so much to the women who fought for the right to participate on Election Day. Can you imagine what it must have been like for these women? Beaten, jailed, ridiculed. My mother’s mother was one of them. I wish I had her stories to tell you. You can read about it on Wikipedia here.

So I do not take my right to vote lightly. I think I only skipped one election day since I was old enough to vote. Even when neither candidate seemed ideal.

So Please Vote on Election Day

Even when it seems to be a choice between two evils. Or two weevils. Even if you don’t like either candidate. Or feel like your vote doesn’t matter. Or think the whole system is corrupt. Or think it doesn’t matter. Or the polling place isn’t convenient for you. Hint: The lines are typically shorter in the morning. You can vote by mail if you sign up for that ahead of time.

Whatever your reason, please choose to exercise your right to choose.

political symbolsOtherwise, we are leaving the choice to people who feel strongly enough to go out and vote.

And in my memory, this election day is more crucial than most in my lifetime.

And some people say boycott the election. I say, make a choice, or others will make it for us.

Calm in the Storm

statue of 3 angelic womenHaving trouble staying peaceful during the media circus that is the campaign process? Sometimes carried away by fear, anger, or other emotion? Read my blog article for ideas on staying centered and at Peace, and not demonizing either candidate.

What About You?

Do you plan to vote?