The Emptiness of Mind-fullness

Have you ever thought of mindfulness as being empty?

The Emptiness of Mindfulness

yin-yang symbolBeing mindful can help to clear the mental chatter. At first it may seem like there’s more. That’s because you are noticing it more.

In these turbulent times, you may feel the need for a little more Peace in your life.

I love Thich Nhat Hanh’s sweet little book called Peace Is Every Step. In it, he┬ásuggests a simple mindfulness practice that can be done anywhere – on the meditation cushion, at the airport, standing in line at the grocery store.

It is this… Simply notice your breath. Feel it in your body – maybe you notice it most in your nose, or your throat, or your chest, or even your belly.


On the inhale think “Peace”. On the exhale, think, “Smile”. I love this simple, easy-to-remember technique for returning to the moment.

Here’s an track that I wrote to accompany my 20 minute mindful breathing meditation. The first track has instructions. To download, right-click (control-click on Mac).

You can start with 2 minutes. Or 5 minutes. Or breathing mindfully while walking the dog.

Whichever way you choose, just start. You probably won’t lift off your meditation cushion.

But if you practice it for a few weeks, you may notice that things don’t bother you as much when you are off the cushion.

A Breathing Room

waterfallIn his book, Thich Nhat Hanh also has a lovely suggestion. A Breathing Room.

You have a living room, a bedroom, and so on. Why not a Breathing Room?

If you have the ability, designate one room in your home as the Breathing Room. It’s like a time-out room for anyone in the family. A place to sit and re-connect to the inner realm.

Meditator PresenceI love this idea. I know it would have helped if we’d had one of those rooms when I was a kid. But we can have them going forward. The author has a beautiful description of what can happen when one person in an argument retreats to the Peace Room and collects herself. The Peace ripples out and changes everything.


Aikido- harmonizeAs a former Aikidoist, I love that. True Harmony can only happen without force, without imposing my way on you, while at the same time not letting your way bowl me over.

Just be. Just breathe. It de-escalates the war of the mind so beautifully.

If you find that you want more than 20 minutes per day, or you want to practice with other people, there are plenty of options.

How About You?

How do you create or find Peace in your life?
Please post a comment to share with us.

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