Fundamental Desire for Wholeness

Your Fundamental Desire for Wholeness

realization of joyI love how Buddhist nun Pema Chodron speaks about what she calls our fundamental desire for wholeness.

She explains a beautiful process for managing our thoughts and emotions when we are “hooked” by something in our life that causes us to suffer or feel bad in some way.

It’s the Little Things

She is not referring to major life trauma. This is a practice for returning to peace of mind when some little everyday upset grabs your attention and hijacks your day. You know, all that little petty annoyances that can add up until you want to scream, or toss your computer out the window.

The Antidote

Pema Chodron’s steps to return to wholeness:

  1. Recognize the shenpa (suffering)
  2. Refrain from biting the hook
  3. Relax into it
  4. Resolve to keep practicing.

Try It Anywhere Any Time

This is a practice that you can do without anyone around you knowing it.
So you can use it at work, at the grocery store, anywhere you get activated.

How About You?

What is your favorite way to let go of the little things?
Did you try this and did it work?
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