Giving Taking Receiving

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I’ve thought about this a number of times over the years… what’s the difference between giving, receiving, taking, and waiting?


TakingFor me, if someone takes something from me, they have also taken my ability to give it freely.

Since it was not my choice. It was either taken without asking, or without permission. That doesn’t feel good to the one taken from.

And for me, it doesn’t feel good when I have taken something from someone. Even their time.
If I feel that not able to say “no” in a situation, then it is impossible to say a clear “yes” to giving something I am asked for. This applies not just to physical things, but to our interactions as well.


GivingTo give freely, it must come from the heart. I must make the choice in my heart and mind that I want to give this time, talent or treasure to someone or some place. That feels great. It is my choice, my timing, my gift. I give from my overflow, and choose when, where and how I will give. When it comes from the heart, freely, without expectation, then, to me, it is true giving.


ReceivingReceiving also feels great when I receive with gratitude, and am free of any sense of obligation. If I feel obligated when receiving, I need to look closer at where that comes from. Is the expectation in me or coming from the giver? If I’m sure that it is coming from the giver, then it isn’t a gift, but a trade or bargain. That doesn’t feel good. Just accept it and say “thank you.”



Waiting, to me, is hoping to receive. It looks for my Good outside of myself. It believes in lack. It believes I will not receive freely.

I need to look closer here as well to make sure that I am not blocking my own ability to receive. Do I feel guilty? Unworthy? Do I think it means that someone else will not also receive? Am I still waiting my turn? Am I expecting it to look a certain way?

Have trouble receiving?

If you have trouble receiving, remember how good it feels to give to someone. If you refuse to accept, you are depriving someone else of having that great feeling by giving something to you.

Create a Thanktuary

Bee-Flower-Giving-ReceivingSo in getting ready for the Thanksgiving holiday, start preparing your Thanktuary. A safe place in your heart and mind to feel grateful for all that you have received, all that you have given, and all the good that is yet to come.

How About You?

What’s the difference for you? What feels best to you?

If you would like some coaching on your giving and receiving, I invite you to schedule a complimentary 30-minute Unleash Your Light session with me.