Grateful for Awareness

Recently I was at an event where we were asked to pick the 3 things that we are most grateful for.



I am grateful for so many things. Things we can take for granted, like having a warm safe home in this cold rainy weather, indoor plumbing, being able to see and hear, having the use of all my limbs even if they don’t work as well as they used to. I have several friends who have had knees replaced this past year. I a grateful that mine is working pretty well so far.

And I think that what I am MOST grateful for is Awareness.


Without awareness, I would not notice anything, appreciate anything, or know that I know anything.


I would not have anything if I did not have awareness.

This awareness is the Presence, the one Mind in me, as me, living me. Some call it the Witness.

But I think it is who I really am.

Underneath all the chatter inside my head and outside in the world. Beyond and through and underneath every thought and feeling, it is the Safety, the Rest, the Home that I have always yearned for.

When I remember that this Home is inside me and feel it, allow it, let it Be, then all fear, all striving and all searching subside. It is enough. It is all I need. It is all that I am.All my questions fall away when I am in this place. All my fears, worries, wondering, frustration.

abstract couple dancingMay I Remember

May I remember to remember this every day, many times each day.

So I dedicate myself this year to meditation and remembering. I would like to live in and from this space of Awareness more.

Stay tuned for more on my other biggest gratitudes in future posts.

How About You?

What are you most grateful for in your life?

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