Grounding Meditation

Why would I want to know a grounding meditation? We all have times when we feel angry, anxious, confused, jealous, and so on. I don’t know about you, but I do not enjoy feeling that way. Wouldn’t it be great if we could flip a switch to turn that off?

Well, grounding is one way to give ourselves the space to make a choice. It simply means becoming present again to where we are in physical space. It’s like coming home. I find that if I take a moment to do this before speaking – even to myself – it makes a huge difference.

Our brain will tend to follow pathways that we have used before. That’s why habits are hard to break. That’s why it’s so easy to fall into speaking from those less-than-our-best places. For example, I find myself automatically cursing aloud to myself when I am clumsy, or when my computer acts up. I don’t need to analyze why I get frustrated by such a little thing. I can simply start PRACTICING a new choice.

Here is a short practice that helps me. It’s a grounding meditation for times when you need calming. I find it quite helpful when I feel anxious, angry, confused, or tempted to fall back into an old habit. It is from an Indian monk who asks people to pass it on.

I invite you to give it a try this grounding meditation and test whether it is helpful for you too. You can download the recording below if you find that easier than reading it.

god lightPull your spine straight.

Open your shoulders.

Lighten your mind.

Calm your eyes.

Invite that Peace.

Invite a cooling, calming sensation in your eyes.

Soften the facial muscles.

Relax the neck… shoulders, spine.

Soften the belly.

Get grounded.

Watch the breath rising from the belly, and expanding in your heart.

As you breathe out, your attention returns to the navel.

Breathing in, watch your breath expand in the heart.

To download this track, Right-Click (Control-Click on Mac).

Just a few breaths can be enough to rest and calm the mind.

Traffic is a common source of tension for many of us. Do not listen to this track while driving. If you would like to use this practice while driving, then of course keep your eyes open and stay focused on driving for your safety. You might try practicing the parts that make sense that still allow you to stay focused on driving. You can still straighten your spine, breathe into your belly, and release any tension in your eyes and facial muscles. I recommend practicing it at home first. At home, you could even imagine driving and use this as a way to feel calmer when you get behind the wheel.

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