What is a Hidden Belief?

You may have heard of hidden beliefs. But what is a hidden belief? What does that mean? How the heck can a belief be hidden? Wouldn’t I know my own beliefs?

Well, yes, and no.

What Is a Hidden Belief and How Can a Belief Be Hidden?

Alphabet StewOf course we know most of our beliefs. These are the conscious beliefs like whether you believe in God or some universal Intelligence, and how you might describe or sense that Presence.

You probably know your political beliefs, your beliefs in what is right and wrong and your beliefs about how to raise your children. These are beliefs that we are aware of and use to make choices and decisions in our lives.

A hidden belief could also be called a subconscious belief. It’s in our blind spot. But make no mistake, just like a car in your blind spot, it can wreak havoc if you don’t know it’s there. These beliefs also affect our thoughts, what we notice and even our choices, every bit as much as a conscious belief.

How Can I Discover my Hidden Beliefs?

There are plenty of opportunities to discover your hidden beliefs. A Spiritual Coach can help you with that. Taking a class in mindfulness or meditating can shine a light on some hidden beliefs. Having a deep conversation with a close and trusted friend can bring some to light. Having a disagreement with a family member or coworker can bring opportunities to discover what hidden beliefs are beneath the surface of the disagreement.

And a condition that you cannot seem to change can be controlled by a hidden belief. Think of your finances, health/weight, relationships, and your job/career. In what area is there a situation that you have been trying to change, with little or no success? A hidden belief may be the culprit.

How Can a Hidden Belief Be In Charge of My Life?

CliffHere’s an example. I grew up with 4 brothers in a rather rowdy household. I thought I understood the male of the species from all this experience with them. One day in a workshop about understanding men, the speaker said that men love to protect and provide for women. She may as well have told me that green beans are fluent in 6  languages. I couldn’t wrap my head around this idea. Sure, my father provided for the family, but I had NO IDEA what she was talking about with this protect and provide thing. Apparently my dynamic with my brothers are not the best example of this, and it never occurred to me that this was how I viewed the world, let alone that it could change.

Sometimes Seeing the Hidden Belief Is Enough

So I put it to the test the next week. I was struggling to get the fixture off of my apartment’s porch light and it wouldn’t budge. It didn’t help that it was hard to reach. I male neighbor who I did not know happened to walk by, and I mustered my courage and asked for his help. He strutted over and unscrewed the globe, which had been mis-threaded the last time it was replaced. I thanked him and he said, “No problem.” and walked away a little taller.

I had lived DECADES not knowing that this was an option.It was a hidden belief or assumption about the way things are. And it was not accurate.

A New View of the World

Cat on highWow! All this time I had been struggling along with the self-reliance that was part innate (from the stories I was told) and partly a belief that I was on my own in the world. Since then, I’ve gotten plenty of help reaching things on the top shelf at the store, unscrewing stuff that is too tight for my hands, and all kinds of little things that used to be so frustrating.

A whole new world opened up to me. And I liked it.

So having someone mention that one little thing changed the way I have experienced the world ever since. It changed what I noticed around me, what I thought was possible, and it started a huge shift in my life.

Want to uncover Some of Your Hidden Beliefs?

If you would like to work with a professional Spiritual Coach to uncover some of your hidden beliefs, you can book an appointment with me in Santa Rosa, CA in person or a phone/Skype appointment.