Your Inner Caring Committee

Committe of CriticsWe’ve all heard the term “The Inner Critic.”

And you’ve probably heard the term “the committee in my head”.

Some of those voices from our past can be mean.
So it’s time to create an inner caring committee who is on your side all the time.

The Inner Caring Committee

Rick Hanson PhD-and book Buddha's BrainI would like to pass along a cool guided meditation called your Inner Caring Committee.

This process comes from Rick Hanson, PhD, who is a Psychologist and a Buddhist, and has extensively studied neuro-biology of the brain.

That’s how our thoughts, experiences, and behaviors actually change our physical brain! Cool, isn’t t?

He teaches how to use your mind to change your brain to change your mind.

Try this in a place and time when you can be quiet and undisturbed.

Your Inner Caring Committee

Your Inner Caring Committee needs at least the 3 beings listed below.
For each one, call to mind a person or being or historical figure, or even a pet.

A nurturing, caring being- like a favorite grandparent or Glinda the Good Witch

An encouraging cheerleader- someone who says “You can accomplish anything!”

A wise counsel being – your inner wizard, crone, or guru.

Make It Your Own

Couple finding loveAdd any others that you would like to have in your corner.

Imagine each of these beings in turn, and feel and “hear” them either around you or inside you.

You can make a collage of their photos and keep it in your meditation place or on your altar.

When you are faced with a difficult emotion or situation, call on them to help you through!

You can make them part of your daily practice. That can build and strengthen your feeling of resilience in the world

How About You?

Do you have an inner caring committee?
When has your committee helped you through a tough time?

If you would like some guidance in creating your own Inner Caring Committee or quieting the Inner Critic, schedule a free 30-minute consultation with me to chat about whether spiritual coaching is right for you.