Is It Black or White?

black and white shapeBlack and white are opposite colors, right?

Last week, half the nation was stunned by the election outcome. The other half was probably just as dismayed and stunned in the previous 2 elections.

Half and Half

dancing mind waves

It makes me wonder why it’s such an even divide. I’m not going to debate politics in this blog. Bottom line, I think that most people want the same things: health, a sense of safety and peace, a happy family, a sense of freedom that comes from having enough time, money and social support.

And I think that there are varied ideas about how that can be accomplished. So how can both sides be right? Perhaps an analogy can be found in color.

Black and White

spectrumWhen working with the spectrum of colors, all colors together equal black. Right? Well, not always.  That’s only true if you are talking about pigments like paint. If you add all colors of light together, they make white.

So both are true: All colors make black and all colors make white.

When I think about this, I imagine that the beliefs of people on both sides of the political spectrum, although adding up to opposite results as far apart as black and white, include all the same needs, or colors that add up to that result.

What About You?

Do you have a favorite analogy or way of seeing how everyone could be right?

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