Labor Day

It’s Labor Day in the United States.

FreedomTraditionally Labor Day is a day when we honor people who work by giving most people the day off.

Since I’m self-employed these days, I don’t get many days off. And I often don’t notice holidays.

So I am creating a day to free myself from labor in another way- laboring under misconceptions.

Care to join me?

“What misconceptions?” you ask.

Any you that you would love to free yourself of.

I’m Alone

realization of joyLike the one that it’s not OK to end that sentence with a preposition.

No, seriously, like the misconception that I am alone in the world. That I need to do everything myself. I have been laboring under that one far too long. So today on Labor Day, I endeavor to live free of that belief.


revolution around the sunPart of feeling alone is the misconception that I am separate from That which created me.

Since there is only one Whatever-It-is, how could I possibly be separate from it?

So today I partner with the Divine and let it do THROUGH me and AS me. Now there’s a partner I can rely on.


mental equivalentAnd if I’m not separate from the one that created me, then neither are you. Or anyone else I see. Or for that matter, any THING else I see. Like the Earth that supports my life and the air that I rely on while taking it for granted.

Except when a smoker goes by, then I remember! But even that cigarette is made form the Divine. Even the toxins that cause an immediate reaction in my lungs and throat and eyes are made fro the Divine.

OK, that one will take some practice. So I’d better get started then.

That’s plenty of beliefs for me to practice for one Labor Day.

How About You?

What outdated beliefs are you ready to stop laboring under – to free yourself from – on Labor Day?

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