Let’s Get Vertical

Let’s Get Vertical

Have you heard of life described as having vertical and horizontal dimensions?

In our Western culture, we are overwhelmingly horizontal. So let’s get vertical.

The Horizontal Aspect

The horizontal aspect of life is all the stuff we do in our lives. Work, laundry, play, social life, and everything on your to-do list. We’re really good at the horizontal dimension.

The Vertical

Vertical ArchThe vertical dimension is our connection to self, to Spirit, your inner knowing.

Problem is, in our society, we tend to focus on the horizontal and forget the vertical.

And it’s all too easy to get so busy with the horizontal – the doing part of our lives – that there is no time left for the important things.

Rocks, Pebbles and Sand

Rocks pebble sand in jarThere is a well-known analogy from Steven Covey about rocks, pebbles and sand. Imagine that you have some of each and you put the sand in a jar, then the pebbles, and last the rocks, The rocks will not all fit. But if you start with the rocks, then add the pebbles, they will fill the spaces between the rocks, then the sand, you can even fit water in.


email iconAnd I don’t know about you, but between the avalanche of email in my In Box, Facebook, and my recent addiction to old TV shows on Netflix, I seem to have less free time than ever. There is an endless amount of distraction in our lives. These things are the sand in our lives. Here’s an article on taming your email In Box.

Adjust the Horizontal and Vertical – Rock On

Meditator PresenceSo the idea is to know what the rocks are in your life and put those important things in your day first.

Then let the pebbles and sand will fit. For me, a daily fitness routine and meditation are really important. If I tell myself that I will do it later in the day, it rarely happens. I find that it works best to do these first thing in the morning, before breakfast.

Get Vertical

So I invite you to consider spending more time on the vertical dimension of life, and to do these things first thing in the morning. Put those rocks in your day’s jar first, and then the pebbles and sand will not fill it up.

How About You?

team of 2How do you manage your day and find the time to get vertical?

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