Mental Equivalent

What is a mental equivalent and why would I want one?

mental equivalentA Mental Equivalent is a mental and emotional vision, thought, or feeling of something. It is how we view and experience our world.

For example, if I say the word “chair” you have at least one mental equivalent for what a chair is, what it looks like, and what it’s for. You might imagine an office chair, a folding chair, a recliner, an overstuffed comfy lounging chair, or some other variety. But you have an idea for “chair”.

The same goes for any other word or desire we have.

So we each have a mental equivalent of our health, finances, relationships, ourselves, work and career, everything. It is our mental template for how we see and experience the world. Most of these ideas or mental equivalents work for us. But sometimes they need a tune-up in order to improve an area of our lives.

An Mental Equivalent for Relationships

relationshipSince it didn’t seem like my parents were happy, I grew up thinking and feeling that being married meant being unsatisfied or unfulfilled. I didn’t know the words, I just knew I didn’t want it.

When I worked at a school district, I had been divorced for a few years. Most of the men there were married, and the men in my department seemed quite happily married. They seemed to be good friends with their wives and caring and devoted. So I made it a study for myself to observe their vibe, their way of being. I didn’t know what a Mental Equivalent was at the time, but that’s what I was doing – creating a new mental equivalent for myself. I was creating a feeling or vision or idea of what a man looks, acts, behaves like when he is happily married. This helped me create a new blueprint in my being for choosing a partner who would be like that.

Test It For Yourself


What would you like to improve in your life? Finances? Then spend some time every day imagining HAVING the abundance you desire. Health and fitness? Spend time imagining yourself as fit, strong, healthy and vibrant. A better feeling at work? Imagine yourself smiling on your way to work, feeling good about your day, enjoying your tasks and co-workers. Don’t like a coworker or neighbor? Create a new mental equivalent of a better connection with them. Pick something that you like about them, and expand on that.

Want some coaching in mental equivalents?

You can schedule an in-person session with me or a phone/Skype/Zoom session to explore, clarify and create a new mental equivalent for an area you would like to improve. Read more about spiritual coaching here.