Mindfulness not Mind Fullness

The term Mindfulness is a newer term.

We used to say consciousness, then awareness.

It’s about being mind-full. Not with thoughts and ideas and intellect.

But a mind full of awareness, presence, Be-ing.

It is about being present in the moment.

About not being caught up in the endless to do list.

About enjoying what we have, and getting off the hamster wheel of do, do, do.

If you are one of so many of us who answer the question “How are you?” with “Good, but busy!” then you might benefit from taking a few moments each day to be still and quiet.

Hard Lessons in Mindfulness


Cliff warning

I had several hard lessons in mindfulness myself.

In recent years I have badly sprained an ankle, broken my arm, and slammed a car door on

my hand.

In each of these injuries, the common factor was that I was thinking several steps ahead of me instead of where I was in that moment. That was a lack of mindfulness. Just living with my mind 1 or 2 seconds in the future caused these injuries.

Mindfulness Boot Camp


Worried girl

The sprained ankle proved to be the most intense mindfulness training. The doctor said to walk on it “as tolerated”, so I did. I had a pedometer at the time, and in my normal work routine, I took an average of 5,000 steps per day. So my ankle hurt. A lot.

But it was about 50 steps to the printer and back, at least 200 steps round trip to the restroom , and about 1,000 steps to the lunch room and back. not to mention other places in the large office I needed to go for day to

day tasks.


Seeing eye

At home I could stay off of it a bit more. I learned to go down the stairs backward to reduce the amount of pressure on and flexion required of my ankle. And I had to pay attention every single moment.

If I made one mis-step, which happened about once ever week, I would re-injure the ankle. It was humanly impossible to stay mindful every single moment.

Now I know about knee scooters. I had never seen one at the time, and it would have saved months of healing time.

I still practice mindfulness as often as I remember to remember.

And now I ALWAYS remember to be aware on the stairs. And I am aware most of the time when I am walking. It’s an ongoing practice.

Here’s hoping that you have gentler reminders than I did!


How About You?

What is your favorite mindfulness practice?

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