Oneness In the Pre-Election Season

political symbolsIf there’s only One Life, how does oneness fit in with the political election season where there’s so much duality?

I don’t even watch the news, but it’s impossible to ignore the huge polarity in the media.

So how does oneness figure into that?

We all have our minds made up, and no amount of social media or debates is likely to make us vote for the other candidate. Why even bother debating?

But Back to Oneness…

There really is only one Life in and through everything that we see, hear, think, believe, there is Oneness. It must be so. Because if the Force that created us all were divided, it could not continue to exist. It would destroy Itself. We would not exist if there were two Causes (two Gods).

It’s Bigger Than the Both of Them

Milky Way oneness

This One is infinite, so contains everything, even that which seems to be opposite. Think about the word Infinite for a moment. I like to think of the stars in the night sky as a way to remember that there’s a whole lot more going on than my life, my opinions, even my planet.

Scientists may be able to estimate the number of stars that actually exist out there, but those numbers are beyond my comprehension. So I imagine looking at a starry sky and the enormity of it stills my mind. It begins to put things in perspective. Most of us are fascinated by viewing the starry night sky. We sense that there is something there. Something created all of that. And it keeps it balanced and organized and functioning. All the time. That’s a mind-expanding feeling for me.

So how do we explain what’s going on right now in our country, which is about as far form Oneness as we can get?

dancing mind waves

I like to remind myself that underneath the surface, both candidates, both political camps, probably want the same kinds of things. Even under power or greed or any motive.

Things like security, a better future, a stable economy, a live-able society. It’s just that there are vastly different ways that people think this would best be accomplished. These ways are so different that it’s hard for me to comprehend how the candidate I want to keep out of the White House could possibly want the same things that I do.

Even if that person doesn’t want the same things I do, both candidates are made of the same stardust from distant supernovas. Both are enlivened by the same Spirit that created them.

Choose Oneness. Choose Peace

MeditationAs human Beings, we have free will. We can choose to feel that loving Light of the One that created us. Or we can choose fear. We can choose to ignore the miracle that we are.

Or we might just plain forget that Oneness exists because we are so wrapped up in events of the world or our lives. It’s too easy to forget.

That’s why my spiritual practice is so important to me right now. The only way I can change the world is by changing how I show up in it. If I add to the polarized discussion, I am forgetting my true Being, and helping to lure other people away from remembering their Oneness.

If I remember my true Being, I will be better able to make clear choices about what to say and do, no matter what happens. No matter who wins.

How About You?

Do you have a practice that helps you stay centered in the One?

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