Living In Love

Living In Love

I am practicing living in love.

realization of joyWithout needing an object for my affection.

Because I’ve been in love enough to know that love is in side me, and doesn’t come from someone else. It’s something we feel and reveal when we connect with a special person or pet.

I had a wonderful feeling of love every day for more than 17 years that I shared my home with Lia, an amazing, intelligent, incredibly sweet cat. She died a couple of years ago, and I did not replace her. Sometimes I still miss her so much my eyes fill with tears. And I am deeply grateful to have had so much time with her. She taught me a lot about love. Continue reading “Living In Love”

Making Friends with Money

Making Friends with Money

moneyHave you made friends with money or do you stress about it?

Here are three exercises you can do that I have heard in just about every workshop about money consciousness. I’d love to hear what insights they bring you.

What are some of your beliefs about money?

Do any of these sound familiar?

  1. Money doesn’t grow on trees.
  2. You have to work hard to make money.
  3. There is never enough money.
  4. A penny saved is a penny earned.
  5. Save for a rainy day.
  6. Filthy Rich
  7. Money doesn’t buy happiness.
  8. You can never be too rich or too thin.

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Let’s Get Vertical

Let’s Get Vertical

Have you heard of life described as having vertical and horizontal dimensions?

In our Western culture, we are overwhelmingly horizontal. So let’s get vertical.

The Horizontal Aspect

The horizontal aspect of life is all the stuff we do in our lives. Work, laundry, play, social life, and everything on your to-do list. We’re really good at the horizontal dimension.

The Vertical

Vertical ArchThe vertical dimension is our connection to self, to Spirit, your inner knowing.

Problem is, in our society, we tend to focus on the horizontal and forget the vertical.

And it’s all too easy to get so busy with the horizontal – the doing part of our lives – that there is no time left for the important things. Continue reading “Let’s Get Vertical”

Walking the Labyrinth

Labyrinth from aboveEvery year a have a chance to walk the labyrinth that is set up at my Center for Spiritual Living. And every year, walking the labyrinth is a unique experience. This year was no different.

Before stepping into the labyrinth to walk, we are invited to do 2 things:

Set an INTENTION and choose what to RELEASE.

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Ants and the Sweet Potato Mother-Lode

How does ants searching for an urban myth of a sweet potato mother lode have to do with spiritual awareness? There is a parallel.

Like many of us, ants invaded my kitchen during the heavy rains. I had enjoyed about 10 ant-free years in my home. They had only invaded once before. Since I don’t use chemicals to eradicate them, I resort to other methods.

6 Lessons From Ants As Teachers

Ants having a conferenceI start with doing a deep cleaning in the kitchen. There is usually some small morsel or drop under a counter or in a corner. And the ants will show me where it is. Just follow their trail. After doing a deep clean and going to bed satisfied that the few lingering ants would be gone by morning, the next morning there were more ants than ever. Continue reading “Ants and the Sweet Potato Mother-Lode”

5 Worst Relationship Mistakes

WaitingEver make a mistake in a relationship? We all have. We weren’t taught this stuff in school. But it is a major part of our lives. So we can either study the subject or learn by trial and error to avoid painful relationship mistakes.

This past weekend I went to a workshop called Creating Sacred Relationships, led by Dr. Brenda Wade. She spoke about the 5 worst relationship mistakes and what to do instead.

Not only did she give us permission to share what she taught, but encouraged us to share it. So I am sharing a few gems from her about the worst relationship mistakes we make and what to change. Continue reading “5 Worst Relationship Mistakes”

Mental Equivalent

What is a mental equivalent and why would I want one?

mental equivalentA Mental Equivalent is a mental and emotional vision, thought, or feeling of something. It is how we view and experience our world.

For example, if I say the word “chair” you have at least one mental equivalent for what a chair is, what it looks like, and what it’s for. You might imagine an office chair, a folding chair, a recliner, an overstuffed comfy lounging chair, or some other variety. But you have an idea for “chair”.

The same goes for any other word or desire we have.

So we each have a mental equivalent of our health, finances, relationships, ourselves, work and career, everything. It is our mental template for how we see and experience the world. Most of these ideas or mental equivalents work for us. But sometimes they need a tune-up in order to improve an area of our lives. Continue reading “Mental Equivalent”

Affirmative Prayer for Another

So what if you want to do an affirmative prayer for another person? Here’s how to adjust the prayer formula.

Affirmative Prayer for Another

As with prayer for yourself, start with your purpose statement. With affirmative prayer for another, you also start by knowing exactly what result you desire. For example, if a loved one is facing a health challenge, you might pray for proper diagnosis and treatment for their speedy recovery, and Peace and Ease in the process for you and your loved one.

Step 1 is the same. Affirmative Prayer always begins with Recognition that there is one Power and Presence. Continue reading “Affirmative Prayer for Another”

Steps of Affirmative Prayer – Thanksgiving and Release

The last two steps of Spiritual Mind Treatment, also called Affirmative Prayer, are giving Thanks and Release.

If you haven’t read the other steps, they are: Know your purpose then step 1 Recognition, step 2 Unification, step 3 Realization.

Giving Thanks


The Thanksgiving step is celebrating the shift in consciousness that happened in step 3. So we don’t move on to this step until we have made that shift. In the Thanksgiving step, we express joy and gratitude that what we desire is already done in the Mind of Spirit. Continue reading “Steps of Affirmative Prayer – Thanksgiving and Release”