Peace doveIn this current political season, it is easy to see other people’s attachment. And hopefully, that allows us to also see our own.

Does being attached serve anyone? Does it help the situation? Is that #aworldthatworksforeveryone ?

Change your thinking, change your life

In Science of Mind, we have a catch-phrase: Change your thinking, change your life. This means that if there is something in our lives that we want to change, we can change how we think about it and thus bring a different result in our lives. This works in any area you can imagine, from health to work to inter-personal relationships to finances and more.

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How I Made My Outside Match My Inside

Do you feel sometimes like your outside doesn’t match your inside? Do you ever struggle with what to wear? I did, until I made my outside match my inside.


Subtle In a Bold Society

“Some art shouts at your from across the room; this whispers for you to come closer.”

An art teacher my freshman year of college said that about my drawing when the class had posted our work on the wall. At the time, I thought he was saying my drawing was insignificant, which fit my image of myself and my artwork. I figured if I could do it, anyone could. Other drawings looked so bold and alive. My teacher was telling me that my art was powerfully subtle. My painting made my outside match my inside.

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How Did I Get Here?

Have you ever wondered “How did I get here?”

Not how you were born, but how you got to the place you are now in life.

Why you think the way you do? Why you see the world the way you do? And why other people don’t see it the same way? In other words, how did you get here? How did life get to be the way it is?

Your Belief Soup – How did it get here?

soupIt may seem like common sense, but most of us don’t realize that each one of us grew up in a different soup of beliefs from parents, birth order, teachers, circumstances, expectations, and the like. All of that shaped who we are. And sometimes life moves too fast to examine some of the things that we assume to be true. Looking at those beliefs as they come up helps us understand the question: How did I get here? Continue reading “How Did I Get Here?”

What If It Were True?

If you feel lost or discouraged, take a moment to imagine… What if it were true?

what if  What if it were true…
… that you are loved by the very Power that created you?
… you knew that were supported by that Power?

What if…

… you didn’t need to worry about anything? What if you could simply, calmly know what is needed, what is next, and then know it was taken care of? Continue reading “What If It Were True?”

What If I Just Can’t Connect To My Inner Knowing?

What If I Just Can’t Connect To My Inner Knowing?

Plug connectRecently I sat with someone to pray after service who deeply wants to feel to connect with her inner knowing or Spirit, but cannot believe that it’s true. She couldn’t let it in. She couldn’t let herself feel it. Since these are 5 minute meetings, I didn’t have time to ask how it got to be that way, but I knew exactly how it felt when I didn’t believe, when Faith was a fairy tale that couldn’t possibly be true.

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How a Chick Flick Is An Action flick

How is a chick flick like an action flick?

chick flick statueMaybe it’s because I’m a chick – and I use that term in the most endearing way- but I like a good chick flick and have always been averse to action flicks. I know, I know, not ALL guys like action movies, but I’m looking at the overall preferences here. If you are a guy who likes a good chick flick, then maybe you can relate. I watch all that fighting and chasing, and wonder when they are going to get to the point. I find the violence and adrenaline quite tedious and tiresome, always feeling like there’s already too much discord in the world. I don’t really need to watch more of it on the big screen or the little screen.

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Two Kinds of Wanting

We all want things. But we don’t need to be wanting. That’s why I say that there are two kinds of wanting. One definition is wanting is lacking.

Regular Wanting

Wanting road signsWell, we often want things that we don’t have. We get stuck in the yearning, the feeling that it is missing, the worry that it will never be ours.

As common and normal-seeming as this is, it is a kind of wanting comes from a place of lack. Continue reading “Two Kinds of Wanting”

What is Spiritual Coaching?

What is spiritual coaching? You’ve heard of sports coaches, business coaches, weight loss coaches, health coaches, personal coaches and more. Have you ever thought about Spiritual Coaching for the most important part of your life?

Is It Working On Your Own?

Take a moment and ask yourself. Are you content with the way you view the world? With yourself? With your relationships? Your work? Your health? With the direction that your life is going?

Is there something that you have always wanted to accomplish, but something seems to be standing in the way?

Do you know where to start to change that?

coaching-prizesImagine… If everything in your life was perfect, if you had everything you need and want, if you unconditionally accepted yourself, how would that feel?

Believe it or not, it’s not the house, car, mate, or money you are after. It’s actually the FEELING that you imagine you will have when you get those things. Continue reading “What is Spiritual Coaching?”

What is a Hidden Belief?

You may have heard of hidden beliefs. But what is a hidden belief? What does that mean? How the heck can a belief be hidden? Wouldn’t I know my own beliefs?

Well, yes, and no.

What Is a Hidden Belief and How Can a Belief Be Hidden?

Alphabet StewOf course we know most of our beliefs. These are the conscious beliefs like whether you believe in God or some universal Intelligence, and how you might describe or sense that Presence.

You probably know your political beliefs, your beliefs in what is right and wrong and your beliefs about how to raise your children. These are beliefs that we are aware of and use to make choices and decisions in our lives.

A hidden belief could also be called a subconscious belief. It’s in our blind spot. But make no mistake, just like a car in your blind spot, it can wreak havoc if you don’t know it’s there. These beliefs also affect our thoughts, what we notice and even our choices, every bit as much as a conscious belief.

How Can I Discover my Hidden Beliefs?

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