Paying Attention Costs Nothing

Lia paying attentionPaying attention.. what an interesting phrase. Being Attentive Costs Us Nothing. So why do we use the word “paying” there?

The cost is our attention itself. It is where we place our attention, which requires effort. Or at least it requires remembering to do it. I suppose that could be at the cost of other seemingly more important things on our endless to-do list.
But it comes at the cost of Being.
So today, I’m putting this at the top of my to-be list: Be.

We can learn a lesson from children and animals. They stay present and focused in the moment.

How Do I Do That?

Mindfullness Bell appI can set a reminder on my smart phone. There are apps for that. I like Mindfulness. I can set a bowl to chime at any interval between a minute and 23 hours, 59 minutes, and have it run for up to 24 hours. Or I can set it to random.

I can use an outside cue such as the telephone or the doorbell or any ringing sound. Each time I hear the phone ring, it can be a reminder to take a breath and Be. Remember that I am. Or in the car, I can use turn signals as my cue. Each time I see them or use them, or see someone change lanes without using them, it can be my reminder.

How About You?

How do you remember to stay in the Present Moment?

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