Affirmative Prayer for Another

So what if you want to do an affirmative prayer for another person? Here’s how to adjust the prayer formula.

Affirmative Prayer for Another

As with prayer for yourself, start with your purpose statement. With affirmative prayer for another, you also start by knowing exactly what result you desire. For example, if a loved one is facing a health challenge, you might pray for proper diagnosis and treatment for their speedy recovery, and Peace and Ease in the process for you and your loved one.

Step 1 is the same. Affirmative Prayer always begins with Recognition that there is one Power and Presence.

Unification for Another

Awareness loveStep 2, Unification is a little different. First, unify yourself as you would in a prayer for yourself. Then unify the person you are praying for. You can even unify anyone involved. For example, state that you are one with the divine Mind, your loved one is one with the divine Mind, and their medical team is one with the divine Mind.

Realization Step for Another


In Step 3, Realization, you speak your realization for the other person.

For example, an complete Wholeness and Vitality for that person.

In affirmative prayer for another, you can also claim accurate and quick diagnosis, with the best possible treatment options clearly explained. Since the medical team is one with the divine Mind, that Mind guides and directs them to see and know exactly what is needed.

realization of joyIt’s important to remember when praying for another, not to pray that they change. For example, if you have a difficult co-worker, pray for a resolution.

Or, even better: pray for a change in yourself that gives you Peace or Clarity or a new perspective.

When you change your own consciousness and approach to the situation or person, that changes everything else in a ripple effect. Give it a try and let me know if it works for you.

Last 2 Steps

Once you shift your consciousness in step 3, steps 4 and 5 would be the same. Step 4 celebrates the shift in consciousness to the new result, and step 5 lets the prayer and the result go to the Law that always says “yes”.

Resources for Affirmative Prayer

You can see affirmative prayer for another in the by topic in the Affirmative Prayer Library. You can see a clear and easy summary of the steps here.

Guidance and Coaching

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