Prayer for Peace

Peace Within

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In this moment. I remember that there is only one thing happening right now. It is the one infinite Being-ness, Eternal Oneness, Infinite Mind, ever-present Peace, Stillness. It is the Power that formed the Universe with the Big Band of the Word. And it is the Power that continues, in every moment to unfold as Its Creation. It is the Substance, the Source, the Supply and the Support of all that is. Every moment. All the time. This one Power is all That and more.

Hubble-Angel wingsAnd because there is only One, Its Oneness is our oneness. Its Peace is our peace. Its Mind is our mind. Its Joy is our joy. I am made of That. Each person is made of That.

This one infinite Presence lives in us, as us. There is only one of Us. So any sense of separation is merely an illusion. Any sense of “other” is an illusion.

swans on placid lakeSo I invite an welcome and embrace an awareness of this Oneness. I invite Its Peace into my heart. I allow this Peace to permeate every cell of my being.

I embrace the realization that my days so far have been filled with this Peace and this Oneness. That I am help, safe and secure, in the divine Embrace that created me. That each one of us is held in that Embrace.

And I welcome this awareness for those who do not feel that divine Embrace. I see every person on the planet becoming more aware of the god lightPresence that they are, especially those who do not know it. I welcome on behalf of anyone who feels separate, a sense of their Unity with the One that created them.

And in this deepening awareness, a deeper understanding that we are all One. All sense of separation begins to dissolve into the awareness of the Presence and the Essence within. And in this place, Peace lives. And in this place, we are one. So there is simply nothing to fight against. There is nothing other than this deep, abiding, sweet Presence of the One that created us. In this moment, there is no need for action or reaction. We rest in the One, in the Peace that lives in our hearts.


And in complete Faith that this is already a done deal in the Mind that created me, I release my Word to the Law that always says, “yes!”, that only says, “yes!” that has already said, “Yes.

And I let it be. And let it unfold.
And so it is.


How About You?

How do you feel Peace inside?

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