New Year’s Resolution Revolution

2017 resolutionSo the New Year is coming. Are you planning a New Year’s resolution? How about a new year’s resolution revolution?

Why? Well… Did you make some New Year’s resolutions last year? And did you stick with them? Most of us don’t. So I am going to revolutionize my resolutions this year by doing them in a different way.

Resolution Revolution

revolution around the sunThe celebration of the new year is really rather arbitrary. I mean, every day a new year is beginning. And our own personal new year starts on our birthday each year.

But January 1 does have the power of the group mind behind it. When millions of people are resolving to make a fresh start in some area of their lives.

Many of us resolve to start eating right, or get healthy or start that exercise program, or get a better job. Great goals. So why don’t we stick with them?

Bite-Size Resolution Revolution

resolution all year long planBut we tend to set these huge lofty goals for our resolutions.How about one year-long goal of practice, with smaller 30-day or 90-day goals that divide it into manageable bites? I decided to make my 2017 goals into a wheel with 12 segments for the months, like numbers on a clock. Then I divided it into quarters so I can choose an area for each 90-day period.


My 2017 Resolution

Sample Year goal planSo one of my goals for the new year is mindfulness – to be more present to what is happening inside myself. If I can just do this one thing as a daily practice, then I will automatically eat smarter, move smarter, spend smarter, love smarter, earn smarter, and so on.

I say daily PRACTICE because it could easily take the entire year or longer to make it a habit. So I will make bite-size goals within that goal for the year.The over-arching practice is to notice what’s happening inside me as often as I can. And within that, I can choose an area to notice each month. Bite-size, where I have 30 days to practice that habit. And I can make it the goal for the whole 90 days if I want.

Here’s a sample visual plan for a half-year of 2017 goals or resolutions. I plan to put mine up somewhere that I will see it every day to remind myself that my year will turn with the Earth’s circuit around the sun.

Download a blank Annual Goal Wheel and see if you like it.

Moving Right

path in Annadel ParkSo for January, I could choose to focus on eating right. But I’ve noticed that when I am getting regular exercise, I tend to eat better anyway. So I am going to continue my fledgling habit of doing some exercise every morning before I get started with my work.

For you, it might look different. I just notice that after years of promising myself that I’ll exercise later in the day and then finding that I don’t have the energy, it works best for me to exercise in the morning. That came from noticing, and finally accepting, my personal body clock’s rhythms.

Eating Right

e-cleanse imageI already made quite a bit of headway in the eating right department. Thanks partly to finally dumping sugar in order to reduce hot flashes. And thanks partly to JoAnn Newton’s 23-day Nutritional e-cleanse program that reminds me to practice healthy habits. I think it’s time for this again. No, I don’t get a commission. I just like her program!

How About You?

Do you make resolutions? Do you stay with them? Do you have a way that works better for you?

If you would like some spiritual coaching for goals or anything in your life, you can schedule a free consultation to see if you would like to have me as your spiritual coach.