Steps of Affirmative Prayer – Realization

The 3rd step of Affirmative Prayer is Realization. This is the step where we speak what we want to realize in our life. It is the realization that we already have what we want, and we are open to it.

Once we have done the first 2 steps, we have prepared the field of our mind, and it is tuned and ready to realize the shift in consciousness we desire.


realization of joyIn this step, we describe what we want as though it is already real in our life. This description is a welcoming of a new mental equivalent, which is a new way of thinking and seeing our life.

A mental equivalent is a blueprint or vision of a new way of being. So this step is much more than wishing, hoping, or beseeching. It is a realization that what you desire is already real in the Divine mind, and is welcome in your life now.

So in the example for inner Peace in the face of turmoil, I would reaize that Peace is my true Nature. It is the field in which events, thoughts and activity appear. And in this realization step, I identify fully with that spacious Peace that underlies everything, knowing that it is the Truth of my being. When I feel Peace, the divine Mind can guide me in whatever steps are appropriate.

Missed the first 2 steps?

This is part 4 of a series of articles about the steps of Spiritual Mind Treatment, also called Affirmative Prayer. Part 1 was purpose. Part 2 was Recognition, part 3 was Unification. Today is Realization, the third step of prayer.

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