Steps of Affirmative Prayer- Purpose

Before You Pray: Know Your Purpose

Spiritual Mind Treatment, or different group minds east coast and midwestAffirmative Prayer, is the kind of prayer we do in Science of Mind.

Before doing an affirmative prayer, it’s good to know what you want to pray about. What is it you want? Just like knowing where you want to go when you get in your car, you won’t get there if you don’t choose a destination.

Exactly what DO I want?

Want road signsBut deciding what you want to pray for may not always be easy. So clarifying what you want is important before beginning the prayer.

For example, if I am feeling discord about the recent political polarization, first I might want to describe for myself why. Does seeing the news and social media posts stir up negative feelings? Does it hook you in to make comments yourself? Would you rather have peace of mind and not get pulled in to the commentary? Is what you really want peace of mind?

Clarifying Your Purpose for Prayer

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It’s important to separate the emotions about the circumstances from the needs and wants that these stem from. In our example of of wanting Peace in the face of polarized politics, there are probably certain things that are important to you about the items being discussed. Then there are the emotions that come up like fear of losing something important to you, or anger about a particular politician or commentator.This can help you clarify what you need to pray about. Is it Peace in the face of the volatile emotions? Or is it the particular issue that you would like to see resolved for the best of all?

Affirmative Prayer Purpose – What you want, not what you don’t want


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I want to describe it just enough to be clear on what I don’t want, but not let myself get stuck there. I would need to imagine what I DO want. This is a time to let your imagination be free to conjure up the best possible scenario. Why not take the opportunity to imagine the best your heart could dream of?

If it’s been a while, we can get be so enmeshed in the story of our circumstances, and we might need to talk to someone to clarify what it is I really want instead of what I have now.

So with reflection or coaching, we might end up with a purpose like this:

I feel Peace in the midst of turmoil. I let fear dissolve into the loving Embrace of Spirit, knowing that Spirit is resolving all conflict for the best outcome for everyone involved. I am supported and safe in Spirit.

More Examples

You could have a similar purpose as above to resolve a difficulty with a family member or neighbor or coworker.

Here’s another example – If you need a job:

Money in mazeDo you just want a job? Sometimes that’s all it is. Maybe I need the money for bills and food and so on. Maybe I lost my job or don’t like the one I have. Your prayer request might be something like this:
I am handsomely compensated for work at a place I love doing meaningful, satisfying work with people I enjoy seeing every day for an employer who needs exactly the skills, experience and abilities that I offer.

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When you need someone to help clarify your purpose

There are plenty of free prayer resources. If you live near a Center for Spiritual Living or Unity Church, you can get free after-service prayer there. We have an online Affirmative Prayer Library where you can search for a prayer for your topic.

In-Person Coaching and Guidance

Naava Dewey, RScP, spiritual coachIf you have someone to help you clarify what you want in your life, great! Go for it. If not, a licensed prayer Practitioner or spiritual coach can help you clarify what you would like instead of your current circumstance, and can help you see the Truth of who you are.

And you are welcome to schedule a Practitioner Session with me for Spiritual Coaching: in person or by phone, Skype or Zoom.

Online Self-Paced Course as Guidance

5 levels of attachment coverI also have a self-paced online course on The 5 Levels of Attachment, based on the book by don Miguel Ruiz, Jr. that helps look at our attachment to beliefs that may limit our experience of Peace, Joy and Health. Through the end of January 2017, you can use coupon code 5LA30OFF0117 for $30 off the cost.



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