Steps of Affirmative Prayer – Recognition

First step of affirmative prayer – Recognition

Last week I talked about the step before starting a Spiritual Mind Treatment, also called Affirmative Prayer: Purpose. This week, I am talking about the first step of the treatment itself: Recognition.

Once you know what you want prayer for, I like to think that the first step is called Recognition because we are re-cognizing, re-thinking, what we mean by God.

What is God to you?

Hubble-Angel wingsMay people grew up with the idea of an angry, punishing, fickle God who answered some prayers and not others. Or a white man with a long beard who sits on a cloud, ready to throw thunderbolts if you step out of line. Sounds like Zeus to me. Anyway, if that or any other idea of an angry parent was the image of God you had growing up, then it’s a good time to re-think that image.

dancing mind waves

You might not even like to use the word God. There are dozens of other names used in English alone, let alone other languages. All of these words simply point to something that cannot be described in human language. It is the Mystery of that which created us. So whether you call this infinite Presence God, Spirit, Mother-Father God, infinite Mind, the Force, or any name at all, we are all using words that best fit or come close to the feeling or imagination of this Power that created the entire universe and continues to hold it in balance.

So step one is about getting in touch with that. If you have never done that, take a moment to find words to describe the feeling or idea of that power greater than us.

Any description that works for you is OK

Kaleidescope of presenceFor some people, it’s visual. For some it’s purely logic. For me, it’s a feeling or felt sense. Yes, there is evolution and logic. Science can explain what a heart does and that an electrical impulse in the cells that make up the heart makes it beat. But what makes those cells know to beat, how often, how strongly? No matter how far down we drill into the scientific, there is always another layer of mystery. It becomes obvious that there is and Intelligence that created the blueprint for our human bodies, for animal bodies, for every living thing and for the Earth and solar system themselves. Tap into that.

Use language that works for you. mine tends to be rather poetic. Your style might be more matter-of-fact. This step can be a sentence or two, or it might be lengthy. The purpose of the step is to bring our mind in tune with that vibration of Spirit as we understand it.


Affirmative Prayer Library photoIf you would like to see some examples, look at the first paragraph of some prayers in the Affirmative Prayer Library to give you some ideas to get started.

This first step does NOT include the person speaking or any reference to “I” or “you”. That’s in the next step. This first step is just tapping into the Reality beyond our day to day lives.

How About You?

Do you like to pray? Do you have a favorite style? Do you pray out loud or silently?

Naava Dewey, RScP, spiritual coachIf you are stuck with a situation and find it difficult to pray about it, a friend might be able to see a way to pray for you. Or you can see a Licensed prayer practitioner for spiritual coaching. Click here to book a session with me in person. Or click here for a telephone/Skype or Zoom session with me.


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