Tangled Knots in the Mind

Tangled Strings, Tangled Yarn

Have you ever tried to untangle a mess of yarn or string? Or perhaps those wires behind your TV, stereo or computer?

I’ve had a lot of practice with that.

Marionette not tangledIn 7th and 8th grade, I made marionettes and did puppet shows at children’s birthday parties. From time to time the strings of the marionettes would get tangled.

While my 2 friends who assisted me could never untangle one, I found that if I increased the space between the threads, I could untangle any snarl.

I forgot about this until I started knitting a few years ago. When my yarn would get tangled, I remembered the marionettes, and used the same technique. Worked like a charm.

Tangled Mind

Then one day while facing one of life’s challenges, it occurred to me that my mind was tangled the way the marionette strings and the yarn had been. So could untangling a snarl in the mind or emotions be done in a similar way? By making space around the thought, allowing it to breathe? Isn’t that what meditation does? Hmm…

How do you do that?

Tangled wiresInstead of running away from it, or pushing it down, or pretending it isn’t there, I practice just letting it be there. And be bigger than it. Giving it more space.

Sometimes that’s easy. And sometimes it’s the hardest thing to remember to do, let alone actually put into practice. Sometimes my mind is so tangled around a situation that I forget. But at some point, I usually remember.

And of course, meditating every day makes a big difference in how resilient I am throughout the day. Like going to the gym or preparing a delicious healthy meal, I often resist starting, but once I am done, I am so glad that I did.

Now the practice is to remember in the moment. Especially when it’s my computer, which seems to be the final frontier in mind-tangles when it is not doing what I want.

We’re Not Alone

Hubble photoWhen faced with a big choice, obstacle or problem, I find the best answer and the most Peace when I remember that there is something much bigger than myself or the problem/ thought/ emotion. That Something bigger, that Higher Power, is infinite, so it can easily contain anything and everything. Another practice.

And if the Infinite can keep all of our planets orbiting in place, not to mention countless other solar systems in other galaxies, it can certainly handle any problem in my life. Small potatoes. It’s handled and done.

How About You?

What is your favorite way to untangle your emotions and thoughts?

For a more in-depth exploration of how attached we can get to our points of view, and ideas on how to untangle that grip, check out my online course, The Five Levels of Attachment, based on the book of the same name by don Miguel Ruiz, Jr.

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