Steps of Affirmative Prayer – Thanksgiving and Release

The last two steps of Spiritual Mind Treatment, also called Affirmative Prayer, are giving Thanks and Release.

If you haven’t read the other steps, they are: Know your purpose then step 1 Recognition, step 2 Unification, step 3 Realization.

Giving Thanks


The Thanksgiving step is celebrating the shift in consciousness that happened in step 3. So we don’t move on to this step until we have made that shift. In the Thanksgiving step, we express joy and gratitude that what we desire is already done in the Mind of Spirit.

We say that it’s done in the one Mind because thought – or a shift in consciousness – is instant. If what we are looking for is that shift, then it is done by the time we reach this step. If what we want is in the outer world – a job, a better working relationship, reliable transportation – then it may take a while to manifest in the outer world. But in this step, we are grateful in knowing that it is a done deal in the one Mind.

After Thanks, Release

Giving from the heartThe last step, Release is just that. You made the shift. Now let it go. In other words, don’t worry about it or try to control it. And our result doesn’t always look like we expect. So we are also letting go of the “how” it will happen. That isn’t really our job. That’s the job of the one Mind (or Spirit or the Divine or whatever name you prefer). So let your request or vision go, knowing that it is working its way into your life.

Treat and Move Your Feet

That’s a popular phrase in our tradition. It means do the Spiritual Mind Treatment (Affirmative Prayer), and then take the logical steps. That may sound like it contradicts what I just said. But let’s say you are treating for a new job. You would still look on job boards and use all the resources that you have available to be aware of job postings.


Peace doveA demonstration means a result for your payer.

If you are treating for Peace of mind, as in the first example in this series, then you would still want to notice when your Peace of mind is slipping away. And then remember to take a breath and return to center. Or use whatever tools you have discovered. In fact, doing a treatment for Peace of mind might bring some of those tools to you in the form of suggestions, resources, comments from friends, and so on. And, at the same time, it might seem like it brings LESS peace of mind. After all, when we are focusing on wanting Peace, we are also more likely to notice when it’s NOT present. So that’s a great reminder of what we want.

Want some examples of Spiritual Mind Treatments? Visit the Affirmative Prayer Library and do a keyword search for prayers on a variety of topics.

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The next article will be on how to pray for someone else.