This Thing Called You

Extra resources for our class, This Thing Called You

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Homework with worksheets from student workbook

Each week I’ll put current week on top. See below for previous weeks.

Week 2

Guided Meditation -Who are you really? 8:48

Harvest Your Mental Garden by Ernest Holmes –┬áSOM Magazine article

Blog article – Getting Into Alignment

Blog Article – Dancing with Chaos

Rickie says she is singing what Spirit whispers to us, “Return to Me.”

For all of us who have lost someone important. Have your hanky handy.

Week 3

Week 4


Further Study



Meditate to bathe in the divine Presence – a Science of Mind magazine Daily Guide

Blog article- How Prayer and meditation change your brain

Guided Meditation – Body Awareness and Gratitude – 12:34

Instructions for Peace-Smile Meditation

Peace-Smile meditation soundtrack by Naava Dewey 21:15

Peace-Smile chant by Naava Dewey 2:43

Worst Day Ever Poem

Choosing Peace – a Daily Guide from Science of Mind (SOM) Magazine

I Am Worthy (Handling Others’ Opinions of You) – a Daily Guide

Back to Basics (Uncovering your True Self) – a daily guide from SOM Magazine

Point of View


My wife and mother-in-law
My wife and mother-in-law

To find the images we used in class for Point of View, do a Google search for ambiguous images.

The image on the left is the best-known one.


Your perception of me is a reflection of you
from a Facebook post by Jane Beach


World's tallest and shortest men
Size is relative – World’s tallest and shortest men