This Thing Called You

Extra resources for our class, This Thing Called You

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Homework with worksheets from student workbook


Meditate to bathe in the divine Presence – a Science of Mind magazine Daily Guide

Blog article- How Prayer and meditation change your brain

Guided Meditation – Body Awareness and Gratitude – 12:34

Instructions for Peace-Smile Meditation

Peace-Smile meditation soundtrack by Naava Dewey 21:15

Peace-Smile chant by Naava Dewey 2:43

Worst Day Ever Poem

Choosing Peace – a Daily Guide from Science of Mind (SOM) Magazine

I Am Worthy (Handling Others’ Opinions of You) – a Daily Guide

Back to Basics (Uncovering your True Self) – a daily guide from SOM Magazine

Point of View


My wife and mother-in-law
My wife and mother-in-law

To find the images we used in class for Point of View, do a Google search for ambiguous images.

The image on the left is the best-known one.


Your perception of me is a reflection of you
from a Facebook post by Jane Beach


World's tallest and shortest men
Size is relative – World’s tallest and shortest men

Week 2

Guided Meditation -Who are you really? 8:48

Harvest Your Mental Garden by Ernest Holmes – SOM Magazine article

Blog article – Getting Into Alignment

Blog Article – Dancing with Chaos

Rickie says she is singing what Spirit whispers to us, “Return to Me.”

For all of us who have lost someone important. Have your hanky handy.



Guided Meditation – Imagining your inner being

Blog article – Changing Victim Mentality

Article – Change Your Self-Limiting Thoughts

Week 4

Guided Meditation – How we see things 7:40

Visioning 5:11


Ahimsa (Non-violence) Practice for Children

Spiritual Initiations by Petra Weldes

The Soul’s Longing

The Universe Awaits Your Order – Rev. Andriette Earl

Awake and Aware- Rev. Kathy Juline

Cosmic Religion – Albert Einstein

God and Einstein – Ernest Holmes

NeuroSpirituality – Mary Wuttke

Chaos-Order graphic