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Extra resources for our class

Homework and home worksheets from student workbook


Guided Meditation – Body Awareness and Gratitude – 12:34

Worst Day Ever Poem

Blog Article on Peace-Smile Meditation

Your perception of me is a reflection of you
from a Facebook post by Jane Beach

Peace-Smile chant by Naava Dewey 2:43

Peace-Smile – without vocal – for meditation by Naava Dewey 21:15

World's tallest and shortest men
Size is relative – World’s tallest and shortest men


Guided Meditation -Who are you really? 8:48

Article – Getting Into Alignment

Blog Article – Dancing with Chaos


Guided Meditation – Imagining your inner being

Blog article – Changing Victim Mentality

Article – Change Your Self-Limiting Thoughts

Week 4

Guided Meditation – How we see things 7:40

Visioning 5:11


Ahimsa (Non-violence) Practice for Children

Spiritual Initiations by Petra Weldes

The Soul’s Longing

The Universe Awaits Your Order – Rev. Andriette Earl

Awake and Aware- Rev. Kathy Juline

Cosmic Religion – Albert Einstein

God and Einstein – Ernest Holmes

NeuroSpirituality – Mary Wuttke

Chaos-Order graphic