Steps of Affirmative Prayer – Unification

This is part of a series on the steps of Spiritual Mind Treatment, also called Affirmative Prayer. Before you start, you need to know you purpose or intention for the prayer. Then step 1 is Recognition. And today I describe step 2  Unification.

In step 1 we describe what God is to us, whatever name we give it. Since one of the qualities we use to describe God is Infinite. In step 2, Unification, we remember that since our Source is infinite, we must be part of It.

So this step includes whatever words and phrases remind you that you are made of the one Source, that you live in It and It lives in you.


Unification I am a drop i the oceanSo if we think of Spirit/ God/ the Infinite as an Ocean, then we are a drop in that ocean.We are not the whole ocean, but everything in us is ocean-ness.

If you are praying for Peace of Mind, then step 1 would include Peace as part of the description, and step 2 would included that Spirit’s Peace is what I am made of. If you are praying for a job, then step 1 would include that Spirit is Abundance, and step 2 would include that Spirit’s Abundance is my abundance. (The job is a re-source of Spirit’s Source.) So step 2 would be remembering that Spirit is my Source, my substance and my supply.

In step 2, we don’t describe what we want. That will be in the next step, Realization. But step 2 can include the qualities of Spirit that you will be inviting in the next step.

How About You?

Do you like to pray? Do you have a favorite style? Do you pray out loud or silently?

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