Walking the Labyrinth

Labyrinth from aboveEvery year a have a chance to walk the labyrinth that is set up at my Center for Spiritual Living. And every year, walking the labyrinth is a unique experience. This year was no different.

Before stepping into the labyrinth to walk, we are invited to do 2 things:

Set an INTENTION and choose what to RELEASE.

Release-IntentionI sat quietly for a few minutes and tapped in to my inner knowing to find what felt right.

I set the intention to have a deeper connection to spirit in and as my life.

I chose to release my attachment to the outcome of a personal situation.

Time for Walking the Labyrinth

Labyrinth Entrance

As I started walking the labyrinth, I noticed that I didn’t feel focused or ready, so I stopped and breathed. Re-focused, I began again.

As I continued walking the labyrinth, I repeated my intention in my mind.

On reaching the center of the labyrinth, I had a sweet aha moment. I felt the message clearly: Live from your overflow.

I’ve heard that phrase before. But I felt it at a deeper level. And this tied everything together for me.

Without realizing it, I had been giving from a sense of obligation. I knew all of this in my head, and walking the labyrinth somehow brought it powerfully into my body: I have a choice in every moment to check in with my inner knowing before responding to a request.

Instead of giving automatically, with a not-quite-conscious feeling of near-obligation, I felt that it makes sense to give only when it comes from being full to overflowing with my connection to spirit. This was what a former teacher called a “cosmic pea”, something small but huge.

Walking the Labyrinth is a tradition at Easter time. At the Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa, we have a Spring Vigil this weekend. It includes a labyrinth. Find out more at cslsr.org. Or find a labyrinth in your area.

How About You?

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