Two Kinds of Wanting

We all want things. But we don’t need to be wanting. That’s why I say that there are two kinds of wanting. One definition is wanting is lacking.

Regular Wanting

Wanting road signsWell, we often want things that we don’t have. We get stuck in the yearning, the feeling that it is missing, the worry that it will never be ours.

As common and normal-seeming as this is, it is a kind of wanting comes from a place of lack. It comes from wanting something outside of ourselves. It comes form thinking that what we need and want is outside of us and can be obtained like a purchase in a store. Whether it is love, a new job, better health, or more money, we see the wanted thing as missing from our lives and completely separate from us.

The Other Kind of Wanting

fun-win-iconsThere is another kind of wanting that comes from inside.

Think about it. You have probably had a time when you felt your heart’s calling or a desire to share or bring forth something from within yourself. Think of when you were a child and wanted to be an astronaut one day, a dancer the next, a doctor the following week, and a movie star another time.

This is a fun, joyful expression of the infinite possibilities we often feel as children. See if you can remember feeling like that. Can you feel that way again about the thing you want?

Trying It On

treasure-chestIf it’s a job where you feel like you are using your gifts and talents to serve people or a cause you believe in and you are richly rewarded for your efforts. This is a completely different feeling than “I need a job.”

If it’s better health you want, can you invite it in as a way to cherish yourself instead of thinking it’s a goal outside of you?

If it’s a better relationship with someone you seek, can you picture sharing all that you have inside and calling that better level or appropriate person to you?

If you want more money in your pockets, do you feel like it’s always elusively outside of you? If money were a person, would you have a good relationship with it? Stay tuned for another article on money soon.

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